Do you need help at home?

If you live in Northland you have come to the right place! 

If you or someone you care for needs support because of a disability, accident or hospital stay, or is getting older, you can ask for government help.

If you are 65 years old or over you will need to be assessed by the Northland Needs Assessment Service (NASC).  If you are under 65 and have a disability you can arrange for assessment by Northable.  See links below for contact details.   Their job is to help you identify what support you need.  Services are free if you meet the eligibility criteria.  For more info on how to apply for assistance -  or complete our GP Referral form to take to your GP and ask them to arrange an assessment for you GP Referral Form (word fillable) or GP Referral Form Print (Adobe .pdf)

At your assessment ask your Needs Assessor for "Home Support North" by name to ensure you get access to local services, employing trained Support Workers, from your community.  You will receive an initial visit from one of our Nurse Co-ordinators to compile a customised support plan to suit your requirements.  This may include assistance with housework, meal preparation, shopping and laundry.  We can also provide personal care which includes bathing/showering, feeding, transporting to appointments and helping with community access.

We also hold an ACC sub-contract so can supply a range of 'at-home' services to people recovering from an accident.

Individualised Funding (IF) - we can assist you to manage your package of care with various levels of support and options to help things run smoothly.  click here for more info

 More Info on how to access support at home:

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Individualised Funding Info

 Needs Assessment Service for under 65's and those with a disability.

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Northland DHB 
Needs Assessment Service
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